Wolf Throat

by Dodge This!

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released July 5, 2016

Recorded at Homeless Records (Marseille)
Engineered, mixed & mastered by Florent Salfati

All music and lyrics by Dodge This !

Artwork & design by Antoine Davy

Additional vocals on "All Sweetness & Light" and "My Ideals On Track" : Pedro
Additional back vocals on "Wolf Throat" : Pierre, Antoine, Pedro, Estelle, Matthieu & Jean-Lucas.
Additional back vocals on all "My Ideals On Track", "Let Me Freeze Again To Death" and "The Ego And Its Own" : Pierre, Antoine, Pedro, Estelle & Matthieu.



all rights reserved


Dodge This! Lyon, France

Groupe lyonnais de hardcore primesautier aux influences virevoltantes.

Matt - Mic
Pedro - Guitar
Antoine - Bass
Pierre - Drums


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Track Name: Wolf Throat
(Intro : Extract from "Il était une fois la Révolution" ("Duck, You Sucker" / " Giù la testa"), Sergio Leone, 1971.)

You walking in the streets
Wolf Throat !
You have no worries
Wolf Throat !
Authorities caring for you
Wolf Throat !
Mob is at peace

You better watch your back !
You better watch your... back !

‘Cause when wolves will come for you
You won’t deal with It
Track Name: All Sweetness & Light
I can’t fake this
The truest shit on this earth

A feeling in this sound
Makes my demons fly away

Do I scare you ?
You should fear the yobbo

But I’m all sweetness and light

And I won’t pump the breaks
I want this to be more than a scene
Here comes the sweetness...

Dodge This !

I can’t fake this

A feeling in this sound

Do I scare you ?
Track Name: Walk The Walk
I’m walking like a monkey
Everybody’s walking like me

Fool !

You think those kids are just crazy ?
This walk is what is setting our mind free
Track Name: My Ideals On Track
Take a look at my life, it’s a mess
But I won’t reach for success

Sometimes people judge me
‘Cause I don’t want to climb the social ladder
But I don’t listen to bullshit
I won’t be the one who crush the others

Cash is hard to find in my pocket
My mind and my conscious are more important

Breakdown !

Rise up !

Stand tall !

Until now I’m proud of myself
I’ve never put a knife on a back
I’m so far to be perfect
but I will keep my ideals on track

My ideals on track

Some guys would do anything
To have more money
But they’re not me

They’re not me !
Track Name: Let Me Freeze Again To Death
(Henry Purcell, King Arthur, « Cold Song »)

Freeze !

So much to share
Yet my heart grew cold
Still waiting for
A hand I can hold

Let me freeze again to death
Ice replacing blood in my veins

Still searching for
The girl who could set free
Those feelings kept under
Lock and key

Let me freeze again to death
Fear to care, fear to express

Five more years !

My heart keep slowing down

Five more years !

Love is still unknown
Track Name: The Ego And Its Own
(Faut-il brûler l'individualisme ?
"L'Unique et sa propriété" (The Ego And Its Own) est un livre de Max Stirner / "L'Entraide" (Mutual Aid) est un ouvrage de Piotr Kropotkine)

O9ers Mothafucka !

This is a fuckin’ hostile world
To win your freedom you have to detach

Is not for me
I know I’m a better fighter on my own

I based my cause on nothing

It’s safe to say that today’s fucked
Individuals are out of luck

Independance doesn’t mean I don’t want to share
Individualism not selfishness
You’re not a gender, you’re not a color skin, you’re not an amount of money, you’re not a fuckin’ country… you are unique !

« The Ego And Its Own »
Is why I walk alone
But when you have to claim a right
« Mutal Aid » will win the fight !