Vaise Coast

by Dodge This!

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released June 22, 2017

Recorded at Homeless Records (Marseille)
Engineered, mixed & mastered by Florent Salfati

All music and lyrics by Dodge This !
except "Higher Level" w/ Svan from Get Off!
and 09ers Crew Street Gang Prod by Dr. Curry

Artwork & design by Antoine Davy

Additional vocals on "A Hurricane Streaked With Lies" by Pedro
Additional vocals on "Anguish" & "Kindest of Men" by Antoine & Pedro
Additional back vocals on "A Hurricane Streaked With Lies", "The Wall" by Milan, Camille, Jer, Axel (Apache), Thomas, Yann (Downhill) & Estelle

Featuring on "My Homies On Track" by
Camille (Apache)
Ben (Harrassment)
Florent (Get Off!)
Kawa (Self Esteem)
Flo (Landmvrks/Hate In Front)

Check the sounds of all the friends that appear on this EP



Self Esteem



Hate in Front

Get Off!

Dr. Curry



all rights reserved


Dodge This! Lyon, France

Groupe lyonnais de hardcore primesautier aux influences virevoltantes.

Matt - Mic
Pedro - Guitar
Antoine - Bass
Pierre - Drums


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Track Name: Anguish
And It’s like the tide
It keeps coming and leaving
No rest for my mind
I can’t escape this feeling X2

Anguish starts crushing my brain
Am I becoming insane ?
Anguish starts crushing my life
And it is always the same


That I must keep pushing

Away from my head

To believe

That one day

I can escape

My own decay
Track Name: Higher Level
Life is short
Time to wise up
Time to understand

Take no rest
In your head
Always look for an higher level

I will never comply
With a world still blind
I’ll reach an higher level

*** Feet on the ground but brain on the heels ***
*** Sometimes it feel I got to confront my fears ***
*** I got to open my ears ***

Using my mind

So I choosed
A long time ago
Between what’s easy
And what is right

Still learning

Never revel
in ignorance

The traps
Of those who wants to keep your mind closed

(*** Exclusive Featuring w/ Svan from Get Off! ***)
Track Name: A Hurricane Streaked With Lies
It seems that everything is out my control
Still I’ve got an anchor to claim for my own

Heavy seas won’t affect what I am
And I’m fuckin’ proud
to state that I won’t be frightened by
any type of cloud

I’m sure I won’t hit a single reef
I know where they’re all hiding

I’ll weather the storm with a smile on the corner of my mouth
This anchor is my respect for myself, even facing blackest skies

It won’t break
So reinforced by
What I’ve built, what I’ve learned and what I believe in this life
I won’t drift in this hurricane streaked with so many lies

09ers !!
Track Name: Chilling Monkey
* * Instrumental * *

"Valmy Fragility"
Track Name: The Wall
You took me for a ride
It felt like heaven at first

Rushing more than me
I was willing to keep your pace


We were heading at a dead end
You saw it
I didn’t
I was blinded by your speed
And you braked so hard
You didn’t say anything
And let me hit the fuckin’ wall


The bricks was so thick
I’m the one who felt it
But I smashed through it

Fuck !

I don’t want to hear a sorry or a bullshit excuse
I just don’t care anymore
You’ve enough made
The proof of your selfishness
So thanks for nothing !
Track Name: Kindest Of Men
I remember
Kindest of men
A simple life
And the hard work
A place like no other
Heaven on earth
A lonely child
So much to see
So much to learn

You couldn’t live forever !

Why did you have to die ?
While there’s still on earth
People living lies
Why you ?

But I have to keep up
Without you

A missing benevolence
By my side

I am so far away
From what you were
But I feel so close
From your spirit
You would be proud of me
Track Name: My Homies On Track
Take a look at my life, it’s a mess
But I won’t reach for success

Sometimes people judge me
‘Cause I don’t want to climb the social ladder
But I don’t listen to bullshit
I won’t be the one who crush the others

Cash is hard to find in my pocket
My mind and my conscious are more important

Breakdown !

Rise up !

Stand tall !

Until now I’m proud of myself
I’ve never put a knife on a back
I’m so far to be perfect
but I will keep my ideals on track

My ideals on track

Some guys would do anything
To have more money
But they’re not me

They’re not me !